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Benefits of being an In Store Vendor: 
As a vendor you receive:

  • A consistent and reliable storefront for your existing customers, as well as an outlet to expand your customer base and further solidify your presence in the Piedmont Triad and surrounding areas.

  • The ability to use the store for DIY Classes. (An excellent additional source of income!)

  • A testing ground for new product lines, and first-hand response from our customer base.

  • Increased marketing, visibility, and exposure due to your association with Aixa Maria's Gift Baskets, LLC.

  • Many designers make new alliances and become involved in larger projects in their businesses.

  • The ability to tap into additional markets.

  • Interaction with supportive, local, entrepreneurial artists and designers. Networking is huge!

The Vision

Unlike most traditional boutiques, we utilize the collective model to make up a lot of our in store offerings.  A lot of our store is made up of items made and handcrafted by local artisans who choose to pay a monthly fee in exchange for a storefront to showcase and sell their amazing work! We love to add many of these items in our gift baskets, but most are sold individually to customers who simply love the product, and who simply love to support small and local businesses.

We have tested the idea of allowing vendors a specific amount of space, that was designated for their products only, HOWEVER, we very much are more gravitated towards having vendors bring in a generous amount of items that will be displayed in a more fitting fashion. (For example, if you make baked goods- those products will be placed with other food items. If you make jewelry AND candles- jewelry will go with other jewelry & accessories, while candles go with other candles and fragrances.) So, that means there won't be a set amount of shelf space. Within reason, vendors may bring an ample supply of products to display. We believe it makes for a more cohesive space and a more enjoyable shopping experience for our clients. Vendors will be able to test new products, create more familiarity with your products and our clients, and sell your most popular items to our customer base. 

While we will have shelving and table space available for products, vendors are welcome to present a display option that can potentially be used in store. (i.e: If you sell baby blankets, maybe a shelf isn't fitting- and you prefer a ladder display- you may bring it in to the store to discuss with management.) 


All contracts are for 6 consecutive month increments.

Vendor Options:

Full Price Rental Fee: We offer the option to pay the monthly rental fee at full price without working in the store. Simply bring in your items, replenish your items, tidy up, update items, etc. General things that will comply with the vendor agreement and contract. 

Discounted Rental Fee: If you choose the option to work in the store for 5 hours per month, and are accepted to do so, you will receive a discount on your monthly rental fee. This also includes the vendor agreement and contract. Please look below for options. 

Rental Fees

Handbaked Goods
(All other edible goods do not apply in this category, as the shelf life of those tend to differ- in the application, please note the shelf life of your items. All edible items must have ingredients listed, as well as expiration dates. This will help determine whether you fall under the "handbaked goods" or "all other vendors".)

All Other Vendors

  • $65 per month (Without working in the shop) Due to the nature of these items and the potential shorter shelf life (compared to non-consumable products), the rental fee is significantly less than other rental options. No additional commission will be deducted.

  • $35 per month (Working 5 hours per month in the shop) No additional commission will be deducted.

  • Working in the store is in exchange for the discounted price, this is not an hourly or salary job.

  • $125 per month (Without working in the shop). No additional commission will be deducted. 

  • $95 per month (Working 5 hours per month in the shop) No additional commission will be deducted.

  • Working in the store is in exchange for the discounted price, this is not an hourly or salary job.

*There is a $50 security deposit required per vendor. The deposit is used first for any damage that may be caused. Deposits will not be returned if vendors move out before the 6 month contract period. 

Currently, we are choosing not to deduct a commission in addition to monthly rent. We want your business to do well, the same as ours. Commission based sales may be a future option either on its own or in addition to monthly rent. 

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